Sim Paints Stuff

My prices vary, depending on the awesomeness of the models, if it looks like it will be fun to paint, or is something that will allow me to show off in my portfolio, it will qualify for a cool mini discount...

I usually charge £2-£5 per figure for minions, £5-10 for elites, £10-50 for characters, £20(ish) for monsters, and £20-30 for tanks, and tank-like models (Stegadon, fliers, etc).

Things that will make the price climb towards the top of the range:

I charge extra for assembly, (and an extra surcharge for metal minis because of my nickel allergy) this will vary depending on how much work is involved. Ė if you give me undercoated minis in a KR Multicase, you will make me very happy and get a discounted rate.

I donít usually decorate bases Ė you will get your minis back with a foundation colour (or black) over a plain base. If you want resin bases painted, then you will be looking at prices in the top half of the ranges stated above.

Time Constraints
I am usually able to complete commissions within 2 months. If you need work to be done before a tournament/birthday/travel etc, let me know early on. I will be able to give you a good idea of how long it will take me once we have sorted out details, but if I am going to be pulling off miracles, then there will be a tax on making my whole life about your figures. (Inversely, if you are happy to have your stuff put on hold if other jobs with time constraints come along, then let me know and the price will be less)

Things that will make the price fall towards the bottom of the range:

If you are happy for your 300 minions to be identical, and painted with a basecoat (3 separate colours for skin, armour, accessories) wash and drybrush, then you are going to be paying a lot less than if you want them to have hand-painted clan markings, tattoos, conversions, complicated colour schemes and irises etc.

Finishing only
If you arenít a confident painter, but are OK with assembling, undercoating and applying a basecoat, then do that before you give them to me... thatís my first 3 steps done. I save time, you save money. Save more by putting a wash over the basecoat. If all Iím doing is a bit of blending, some highlights and detailing, then itís likely to be even less than the rates above.

More models mean less work. I already have paint out on my desk. I know what style you want. Iím not having to scrounge for inspiration or research techniques and references etc. I save time, you save money.

Bringing Awesome
Do awesome things that make me happy. Supplying your minis in a figure case, (or giving me ££ to buy one that will fit your army) keeps my work area nice and neat, and reduces the amount of packaging and sprues that I have to fit into my bin. Undercoat your figures in white, or a coloured spray that is a light hue that is easier on my eyes. Bring/email reference pictures of what you are thinking. (doesnít have to be a picture of a painted model Ė hand over a picture of a car that is the absolute perfect colour, or a caterpillar with the mottling that you want, but in red, etc.) Bring the paint that you bought for this project before you realised that you donít have time to finish it.

OK Ė so you are short on cash? Ė but have a box or two of minis that are taking up space in your garage - Fine. Short on cash, but got some time? - Help me do assembly, base-coating (and other easy bits) of other models I got. Trade you a guitar lesson? Can you knit me some new wrist warmers? Ė> make me an offer, and Iíll consider.