Punk Swirly Mat

6 Tb of each colour in a magic ring.
2 Tb increase in each st of opposite colour
2 Tb increase, 1 Tb TPG
2 Tb increase, 2 Tb TPG
2 Tb inc, 3 Tb TPG… etc.

Zigzag Pip stitch scarf

Turned YouTube pattern into a 2 row repeat with no cutting of ends by chaining up the pip colour:

At beginning of row, ch2, lay loop of zigzag colour over tail, then chain 2 more. DC in 1st V, ch 1 as per tutorial, then at the end, pull loop through the top of the ch2 from the zigzag row below, then Tb into top of ch2 of pip row below that. Finish off by pulling through the last 2 loops on hook.