Triangles scarf

The instructions in the video are incorrect or missing in a few places…

C.O. Row: chain multiple of 12 + 14 + turning chain(if required)

First Triangle Row:
-Pickup 6 STs from foundation chain (7 loops on hook.) -Decrease on left side over 6 short rows as per video.
-6 DC down left side of triangle as per video & then DC into next st in foundation chain.
-pickup 11 STs from foundation chain & Dec over next 6 rows as per video…
Continue until there are 7 sts left in the foundation chain.
– pickup 6 sts from foundation chain, then decrease on RIGHT SIDE ONLY (video shows Dec on left side only.) you will need to add a chain before the return pass to make this sit well.

Triangle row A:
Join back at the beginning & pick up 12 sts in the valley. THERE SHOULD BE 13 STS ON YOUR HOOK. (Not 12 as the video states)
– Dec as per the video for the rest of the row, making sure there are 13 sts at the beginning of each triangle.