Triangles scarf

The instructions in the video are incorrect or missing in a few places…

C.O. Row: chain multiple of 12 + 14 + turning chain(if required)

First Triangle Row:
-Pickup 6 STs from foundation chain (7 loops on hook.) -Decrease on left side over 6 short rows as per video.
-6 DC down left side of triangle as per video & then DC into next st in foundation chain.
-pickup 11 STs from foundation chain & Dec over next 6 rows as per video…
Continue until there are 7 sts left in the foundation chain.
– pickup 6 sts from foundation chain, then decrease on RIGHT SIDE ONLY (video shows Dec on left side only.) you will need to add a chain before the return pass to make this sit well.

Triangle row A:
Join back at the beginning & pick up 12 sts in the valley. THERE SHOULD BE 13 STS ON YOUR HOOK. (Not 12 as the video states)
– Dec as per the video for the rest of the row, making sure there are 13 sts at the beginning of each triangle.

Upsized Socks

Remaking my socks that Ozlorna made for me in a bigger size bc my feet grew 2 whole sizes in lockdown & my ankles swell up now.…


CO 8+8 Sts using Judy’s magic cast on

Increase 1 st both ends of both needles every second round until there are 24+24 Sts. (4 sts inc every other round until total of 48 Sts)

Inc 2 Sts at both ends of front needle only at 10cm, 13cm, 15cm, 18cm

Start short row heel at 20cm
Leave 8 Sts in the middle.

Inc to 70 Sts over next 12 cm.
Inc to 86 Sts over next 12 cm.

Punk Swirly Mat

6 Tb of each colour in a magic ring.
2 Tb increase in each st of opposite colour
2 Tb increase, 1 Tb TPG
2 Tb increase, 2 Tb TPG
2 Tb inc, 3 Tb TPG… etc.