It’s been enough time since I finished the starflake shawl that I’m ready to take this on, apparently…

Woven Neck Warmer

Width = 24cm
48 rows = 24cm


2 rows
Split into 5 sections & knit R40/40/40/35/30L rows
Knit full width 90 rows
Split into 5 sections & knit R25/25/30/35/40L rows
Weave into 1st side & rehang

Knit left 2 sections 5 rows (30)
Bring middle into work & knit 5 rows (35)
Bring section 4 into work & knit 5 rows (40)
2 rows full width.

Dec 1 st opposite carriage each row till 6 sts
Cast off.

Icord bowl

Knit 3st icord. T=5. 2x 8-10ply
600rows for 15cm base, place marker.
120 rows approx per round for walls.

6cm= 720ish rows.

Leave long tail.

8cDC in magic ring. PM, join icord & continue working in spiral.
DC inc around icord every st. (16)
DC, DCinc
2DC, DCinc
3DC, DCinc
4DC, DCinc
5DC, DCinc
DC all st till no more icord, then 2DC over ends.

2021 Temperature Scarf

Have been looking at everyone’s 2020 Temperature blankets and seems like an awesome concept, but I think that doing a blanket is too ambitious. And the lack of control over colours means I want to choose a colour palette that will look great, no matter where the mercury ends up.

I couldn’t decide weather to do London or Sydney, but saw this awesome alternating mosaic crochet pattern that will slow off the 2 data sets brilliantly.

Oz’s Emerald Blanket

40 rows per 10cm block

C0 17 sts.
200 rows
Mitred corner square.
Mitred corner square.
200 rows
Mitred corner square.
40 rows
Mitred corner square…
Continue till 100x150cm reached.