Gym bag

Needs to be 24” long to fit my wedge in.
Needs pockets for my 2 sets of wrist straps.
Needs a pocket for my drink bottle
Needs a pocket for my keys

Dotty Scarf

Modified the pattern from the video as follows:

Colour A: background colour
Colour B/C/C… dotty colours

Colour A – Double chain to cast on 10st + 1
2tb, 7dc, 3tb, 7dc, 2tb.

Pull colour A loop long and park it While you work colour B

SlSt first 2 tb of row below, ch 2. Work 8 tb into 1, ch 2.
SlSt into last tb & next 2 tb from row below. Ch 2
SlSt into last 2 tb.

Ch1, SlSt into first 2 SlSt. 8tb into middle of the cluster below, SlSt into 3SlStlSt on last 2 st). Cut and pull through yarn.

Pick up Colour A loop, ch2. Dc into 1st SlSt, front post tb into colour A tb below. 7 dc between each cluster st, 3 FPtb into colour A tb belowt the end)

2tb, 7 dc, 3tb,7dc 2tb. Pull loop long to park and change to colour B

5tb cluster, 2ch, 3SlSt into tb below, 2ch, 8tb cluster, 2ch, 4tb cluster. Cut and pull end through to finish

Pick up colour A loop, ch2, dc into middle of cluster, ch 2, dc into last SlSt, cont as above…

Icord slippers

knitting small size due to guage difference.

CO34 st
15 rows seed stitch

Test Barton

Working out how to do these on the machine.

Using a single bed with a colour changer & latching up the 20 rows of ribbing bc it’s faster than transferring sts.

I knit the pocket linings and use my garter bar to pick up the front panels so that they can by hung behind the knitting.


Start with black yarn and make a magic ring.
Chain up 3 & put 9 Tb into the MR.
Change to red.
chain up 2, HTb in same stitch, 2hTb in both of the next 2 sts, hTb in next st & turn.
DC in every hTb of previous row & turn.
2 DC in each DC of previous row
Chain 3 and then slip st into the same st as the end hTb.

Repeat petals twice more then tie off & weave in the ends.