Dotty Scarf

Modified the pattern from the video as follows:

Colour A: background colour
Colour B/C/C… dotty colours

Colour A – Double chain to cast on 10st + 1
2tb, 7dc, 3tb, 7dc, 2tb.

Pull colour A loop long and park it While you work colour B

SlSt first 2 tb of row below, ch 2. Work 8 tb into 1, ch 2.
SlSt into last tb & next 2 tb from row below. Ch 2
SlSt into last 2 tb.

Ch1, SlSt into first 2 SlSt. 8tb into middle of the cluster below, SlSt into 3SlStlSt on last 2 st). Cut and pull through yarn.

Pick up Colour A loop, ch2. Dc into 1st SlSt, front post tb into colour A tb below. 7 dc between each cluster st, 3 FPtb into colour A tb belowt the end)

2tb, 7 dc, 3tb,7dc 2tb. Pull loop long to park and change to colour B

5tb cluster, 2ch, 3SlSt into tb below, 2ch, 8tb cluster, 2ch, 4tb cluster. Cut and pull end through to finish

Pick up colour A loop, ch2, dc into middle of cluster, ch 2, dc into last SlSt, cont as above…