Heat staining Titan gun barrels

Over the weekend I took Bola for an outing to Darksphere for a bit of a painty.

It was really really busy, so I am glad that I decided to be painting on details and weathering, rather than the last little bit of assembly…

I painted in the gold bits on the Blaster there, but it needed something more to break up the barrels. I didn’t want to put anymore gold bits on, because there is not a lot of gold throughout the rest of the model. And I didn’t want to introduce another colour to the Blaster, she needs to look like a coherent unit.

But I had seen the following article in heat staining brass come across my twitter feed, so I decided to see if there was something out there that showed a really good way to do heat staining on steel.
There was!

I didn’t have the exact colours in that post, so this is what I used:

That is after 1 coat.

Start with the blue and dab it up into the crease in a band a couple cm wide.
Wipe off excess from brush & dip straight into purple (don’t rinse!) adding a smaller line of colour overlapping the blue using dabbing touched of the brush, you want the blobby doittie thing happening.
Wipe off excess again and go straight into the sepia. Add thinner line into the bottom of the purple.
Wipe off the sepia and dip into Lamian medium. Gently pull the edge of the sepia down so that there isn’t a defined edge anymore. Pull any tinted dotties over to the edge and let them sit in the gutter.
Wait for that to dry and go a second time (or even a third if you want to up the colour intensity even more).

Here’s what she looked like after 2 laters of this effect:

I love this! It’s nice and subtle, and gives the barrel a little bit more detail without guilding the whole thing!