Painting Eagle Warrior Space Marines.

B bought an army of Space Marines from eBay and we need to be able to paint additional tabletop quality models that fit in with the current models:

I’m writing my notes here so I can refer back to them later, and to hopefully maybe motivate someone to paint a Space Marine!
(Although I would suggest that maybe a Space Marine from a Chapter that doesn’t have a paint-scheme that makes you paint large smooth white panels, bright yellow, and half the model in a contrasting colour… The figure in this post took 6 hours to paint, including drying time!)

1. Assemble your Space Marine, but don’t glue his little armies on yet.

2. Undercoat white spray. (Very light coat, is OK to see a bit of grey through from underneath!)

3. Wash Nuln Oil into all the lines and crevasses. Pull it off the large flat panels as much as you can.

4. Basecoat – Ceramite White on the left arm, leg and any panel that has a smooth flat surface passing over the centre line. Leave a little bit of black showing at the edges. It should take 3 coats to get good smooth coverage.

5. Mask off the left side with tape or blue-tac

6. Basecoat right half with Caledor Sky (don’t paint his knee and hip ridges, the skulls, ribbons, seals, parchment, wings or other decorations – if you accidentally catch them with the blue, re paint with the white after it’s dry)

7. Drybrush blue half with Etherium

8. Lightly Wash over blue parts with Drakenhof Nightshade

9. Gently Peel off the tape/blue tac and run a line of white paint over any of the places where the blue got a bit enthusiastic and blobbed over.

10. Paint a layer of yellow over the left knee pad and both wings. Red on the ribbons, seals and lens covers. Basecoat Leadbelcher over any metallic parts.

11. Wash Agrax Earthshade over skulls, parchment, ribbons and seals. Nuln oil goes over the metallic parts.

12. Add a TINY dot of white on all the lenses and you done!